Meet The Founder

A profile photo of a young woman sitting on a brown couch. The woman is wearing a white shirt with black polkadots, has shoulder length wavy brown hair and is smiling warmly.

Chantelle Fisher, a Mum to six beautiful children. Chantelle lives with her husband and children on their broad acre farm in rural Victoria. Chantelle has worked as a Maternal Child and Health Nurse helping many women adjust to the birth of their baby's and the emotional and physical changes this time brings.

As a Mum of six, Chantelle knows and understands the many ups and downs that comes with motherhood, particularly the journey of becoming a Mum for the very first time.

Motherhood has been the most challenging and rewarding journey that Chantelle has ever been on. From the breathtaking moments you share with your bump and your baby through to the most trying of moments - times of physical and emotional pain, sleep deprivation, pure exhaustion and a lack of self confidence and self-doubt. This the reality of motherhood; though it's all worth it.

Chantelle wants to help all Mums embrace their motherhood journey, by encouraging them to make caring for themselves a priority and as a result feel confident and positive in their own skin.

Chantelle enjoys the simple things in life and appreciates natural beauty. When her twins were born, Chantelle struggled to find pretty nursing underwear which made her feel good about herself. She wanted underwear that was both beautiful and comfortable. She could only find things that were either very plain and functional or lacy and uncomfortable. And nowhere could she find a matching set! So Chantelle spoke to other Mums and set out to create Matchy Mumma, a brand that would deliver what mums really wanted and needed. Her mission was to help Mums feel confident, beautiful and alive.

Chantelle has created a range of pretty and co-ordinated nursing underwear featuring hand-drawn native Australian floral prints. She spoke to dozens of Mums to work out what they really wanted in their maternity and nursing underwear and incorporated these things into functional and considered designs.