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Beauty is more than a look, it's a feeling. It's about feeling comfortable, secure and confident in yourself.

We exist to help women feel beautiful at a time where they may not be giving themselves much love, time and attention.

Our pretty, matching maternity underwear collection helps women to feel good about themselves. We are a brand that strives to help mums find balance and that begins with self care - emotionally, mentally and physically.

Matchy Mumma is a brand that's been thoughtfully created by women, for women with their needs always at the forefront of mind. As a brand we encourage mums to accept themselves just as they are, and to feel confident. Matchy Mumma is a brand that makes mums feel beautiful, confident and alive.

Matchy Mumma is so excited to have launched and hopes to become a part of the journey of expecting and new mums, to help them embrace and fully enjoy their motherhood journey.

Learn more about our founder Chantelle here

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